Where do you see yourself here?

If anything you’ve read here sounds familiar, then ask yourself:

                     v What is it you want to change?
                     v What’s stopping you?
                     v When will you take that first step to do something about it?

The answers you’re looking for are right here. You need an experienced professional to be your sounding board for a more positive perspective – one who will listen to you and give you the support, guidance and encouragement to navigate those changes.

I’m Eve Black, a life coach, workshop facilitator and speaker working with people at mid-life and beyond who are seeking change, going through personal and professional transitions, and who want to expand their options to reach new personal goals. I see them through the changes they want to make in their lives by helping them reach that part of themselves where self-expression and new possibilities need to be recognized, nourished and developed – especially past mid-life – and to help them break through the obstacles that transitions can create. The solutions you are looking for are right there within you – in your own resourcefulness and creativity.

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“I’ve learned that everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but all the happiness and growth occur while you’re climbing it.” (Andy Rooney)

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